About Blaze
About Blaze
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About Blaze

5-9 Browen,light skin lol i consider my self slightly tinted lol,Dark Browen eyes and is a mexy Fry.Fave tv shows: La Femme Nikita,Farscape,Pretender,Malcom in the Midd;e,Titus,Future Rama if i was a cartoon charcter id proably be Bender lol,simpsons.FAVE movies The MATRIX [1] [2]& [3],Nikita movies,pay back,Get carter,Scare Face,THE JAKAL,all Bruce lees movies.past times going to Wb bord and postingGOING TO straight outa section and seeing my family there.straightouttasection I also love going to CJ'S awsome codenamejosephine web site.she has the two best Lfn intors i ever seen she even gave me one for my owen personal use awsome chick she got skill she even made my banners.codenamejosephineI also hang arond MY TWO PARTNERS IN CRIME Gwyen & Windstar there my two trouble makeing frinds lol he he he.That Picture of me Sucks i tried to config it to a small size and miss around pushing all kinds of buttons lol thats why its blury oh well

The Story Behind Blazes Site lol
Lol will i love girls i love guns i love the movie Matrix & La femme Nikita any show where a chick packs a gun and can kick my but is a great show.

Others reasons Blaze has his owen site
I have to give it up to cj she got me hooked and sprong on this she owens a kick but La Femme Nikita site Called Code Name Josphine realy awsome site.
And free servers is so user frindly any one can do it its so cool.yup cj kicks but lol like Nikita.