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Blazes Favorite Links
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Intel about Blazes fave links & groups of links shown below.

Blazes Search Engines
AltaVista You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
Lycos One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Yahoo! With over half a million sites divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.
InfoSeek GO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy to use place.

Blazes Favorite Sites
A Truely Awsome Web site full of intel about the charcters on and off the set great spoilers pictures,with upcomeing news.
Intel about an upcomeing video game of La Femme Nikita By infograms.This site also has some of the most cool little speachial effects that makes the bord breath La Femme Nikita and come to life.
Truely Awsome Flash Intros Like only a true Lfn'er would create.The Flash intros are heart moving and captivating.Remember there are two flash intros the full flash intro takes awhile to load and doesnt look like its loading but it is if you wait for awhile you shalll be rewarded.If that wasnt enough Eye candy go dowen load some awsome wall paper and cool lfn animated gifs by cj.
Truely An awsome experince Be sure to sighen her guest book its under com

Blaze's Basement Tired of slow Logins at WB's main Web site for La Femme Nikita,hateing the 2 to 3 minutes wait just to load a pg.
Geting Frustrated with loging in to post just to be directed to Wb 's main web site,ticked off to find out that youre tread just disapered puff gone,up at arms about the fact there seems to be no tech suport or even a frindly face that helps you with bord problems,and worst of all the Smiley Emotions dont work most of the time are they just there for looks?will are you? Then go to a real La Femme Nikita Message Bord made by the fans for the fans we wont ignore you like some other bord cough w cough b lol.we always have cool fun and pasthionet lfn people people there as well as faster pg loads painless logins and you got a bord tech problem then go to the tech suport and meet the DRAGON hes a frindly face and un like cough that other bord he gets back to you.WELCOME TO THE FAMILY CLICK ON THE LINK

Blaze's Basement Tired of youre frinds not understanding Pashtion of Nikita or Michale,geting tired of them yawning or rolling there eyes with that here we go algain look well youre frinds suck lol come join a family of of true La Femme Nikita Fans who understand youre obsthions couugh i mean youre pastiones lol. MEET new people enjoy this forume enjoy people like Kita,Femmy,vee vee,cj,jinnie,gwyen& jo and aussie people like kate,ellen,chow boy just to name a few.

Wondering were to get that speachial mikes picture or nikita then ask lol and welcome to sextion you can never leave

Lees wacky world is back with humor that will make you bust a gut cheeck it out.
Some content is rated r but that is clearly marked enjoy.

Blaze's Basement If you liked lees wacky world then youll love Chilli Bomb its a gag of laughs enjoy.=)
Blaze's Basement The bloopers that was not showen & were cut frome the movie lol. But to protect the acters it is in flash cartoon format lol be sure to see the main movie its in the middle of the pg along with other funy matrix spoof lol=)enjoy.
Blaze's Basement Camp chaos is the bomb and a never ending place for flash toons and funny games that make fun of the bigest musical bands and napster toons as well along with games and twisted prizes by a secret link hunt somwhere in the web site a must see =)enjoy
Blaze's Basement Awsome web site with the best source of matrix spoof shows and much much more be sure to play stick death hours and hours of fun lol many difrent out comes an 3 to 4 games in just one stick death game its hillariose give it a try lol enjoy=)
Blaze's Basement =)Lol has a funny matrix story line with pics of the matrix but with a funny plot lol how ever there is some adult languge so i give it an R rateing