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The Matrix goes online
By Nick Farrell [29-05-2002]

Virtual reality game about escaping from virtual realityFilm studio Warner Bros. is building a multiplayer online game based on the sci-fi film The Matrix.
The pay-to-play version of the film could make its debut as early as the end of this year, according to showbiz magazine Variety. With it, Warner Bros. is looking for a repeat of the success Sony enjoyed with EverQuest.
The Matrix game will allow thousands of people to play at the same time in a 3D-world full of futuristic settings.
Ironically, the movie depicts an adventure where a computer-generated virtual reality is used to control the minds of humans.
Monolith Productions and EON Entertainment, the production entity of The Matrix's directors Larry and Andy Wachowski, are currently working on the game for Warner Bros.
More than 70 multiplayer games are also currently being prepared for online launch, including Men in Black II: Crossfire and LucasArts's Star Wars: Galaxies